Assurance and Advisory

  • Statutory audit

  • IFRS conversion from local GAAP to IFRS

  • Corporate due diligence

  • Disbursement assurance for donor and development agencies


  • Tax Agent (representative) on compliance matters

  • PAYE returns and remittances

  • VAT returns and remittances

  • WHT returns and remittances

  • CIT computation, returns and remittances

  • Tax Clearance Certificates

  • Visits to the tax office

Tax Planning

We offer tax advice to individual and corporate clients in areas such as Personal Income Tax (PIT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Companies Income Tax (CIT), Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT), etc.

Taxation (Others)

Acceptance Certificate – For the purpose of granting capital allowances (tax allowance on capital expenditure) by the Federal Board of Internal Revenue, major assets purchased by a business are to be registered and a certificate obtained from the Federal Ministry. This is a specialised field that must be handled by competent professionals.